WeVideo – Cloud-based video creation platform

WeVideo is an easy to use web based platform to create and share videos. It is ideal for digital storytelling workshops and collaborative projects.

There is a free version – we recommend thhis trial version to explore the potential of this tool and to see if this is what you need – and a version with an educational licence. This license allows the teacher to create a virtual classroom where students can collaborate and be supported by the teacher.

The only ‘disadvantage’ of this platform is that it requires a very good and reliable internet connection to avoid troubles during the editing phase.

The annual subscription for the ‘Educational licence’ includes: 1 hr publishing time per user, 10GB per user, 50 user licenses, all the advanced features. This ‘Educational licence’ costs $399 per year.

WeVideo allows students and teachers to work together on the same video project, make changes, provide feedback, and explain their visual thinking during the creation process, while keeping the student’s data private.

Voice and video recording is embedded in the platform and other digital files that have been uploaded can be integrated with the new recordings.

The platform includes two video editing modes: the ‘story-board mode’ and the ‘timeline mode’. Both options are well explained in video tutorials available on the website in order to help the students to choose the best option. Students have the ability to make creative decisions, demonstrating understanding and mastery of concepts. They can start with the simplified Storyboard editor and work up to the more advanced Timeline editor with video tutorials to guide them along the way.

In the free (trial) version, the only option is to share the videos on the WeVideo website. With the ‘Educational licence’ it is possible to download the files and to share those on YouTube or Vimeo without the watermark of the application.

Learn more on how to create videos through tutorials, lessons, tips made by the WeVideo team https://www.wevideo.com/academy. On the same page, you will find more information about all the features that the specific licence of WeVideo for Education offers.

Courses: This tool can be used in a wide range of courses / subjects such as:

  • Science
  • Design and technology (ICT)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art and design
  • Music
  • PSHE (personal, social and health education)
  • Citizenship

Plan of activities: WeVideo can be applied in the ‘Recording’, ‘Editing’ and ‘Sharing’ phase of the Digital Storytelling approach.

*This content has been adapted from https://www.wevideo.com/schools

WeVideo – Online video platform
WeVideo is een gebruiksvriendelijke en gemakkleijke online toepassing voor het maken van video’s. Deze toepassing kan gebruikt worden tijdens de stappen ‘opname’ en ‘bewerking’ van het Digital Storytelling proces.
Omdat WeVideo cloud-gebaseerde is, is het mogelijk om met verschillende mensen tegelijk aan hetzelfde project te werken vanop verschillende toestellen: de bestanden (audio, foto’s, video’s …) blijven online (in de cloud) en moeten dus niet op het toestel gedownload worden.
WeVideo – Una piattaforma online per la creazione di video
WeVideo e’ una piattaforma collaborativa per la creazione dei video, che consente il salvataggio e la condivisione dei file online. Suggeriamo di usarla nella fase di ‘recording’ (registrazione) del processo di ‘Digital Storytelling’.
Poiche’ tutto viene salvato online (sul cloud), e’ possibile lavorare sullo stesso progetto da diversi dispositivi o computer senza dover trasferire i file (audio, immagini…) gia’ caricati sulla piattaforma.

  • Tool
  • Recording / collecting
  • Presenting / reporting
Learning activities
  • Create own (re)presentation, impression
  • Classroom
  • At home
  • English
  • Storytelling
  • Video making
  • Video editing
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  1. Ancora una volta solo una piccola parte dell’articolo è tradotta in italiano.
    Specifica il grande problema che ha: serve una buona connessione internet. Purtroppo realisticamente parlando credo che in Italia abbiamo bisogno ancora di tanti anni prima di poter avere una buona connessione dovunque.
    Penso che allo stato attuale sia molto più veloce trasferire i file per lavorarci. Non ho capito la grande nell’usare un normale cloud

  2. Mi piace l’idea di una costruzione collaborativa tramite cloud di video e storytelling ma non mi sembra molto innovativo come sistema; chiunque sia dotato di una connessione e di un sistema iCloud può già fare le medesime cose. Certo qui vince l’idea in sé che, se adeguatamente implenentata, può risultare vincente

  3. Attività interessante che permette ai bambini di sperimentare la loro creatività e di collaborare tra di loro su una stessa piattaforma da diversi dispositivi.

  4. Anche qui la presentazione dell’iniziativa è solo in parte argomentanta in italiano.
    Tuttavia credo che questa piattaforma possa essere piuttosto utile. Il vantaggio più grande forse è proprio quello che, salvando il tutto sul cloud, è possibile accedere al progetto da diversi dispositivi, rendendo tutto più accessibile.


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