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Art Stories FACES

Volti d’arte

VOLTI d’arte, un divertimento, gioco educativo che permette i bambini a conoscere l’arte. Quando si gioca Art facce bambini scoprono cinque dipinti di Europeana collezioni. Ogni quadro imposta loro una sfida semplice, e introduce i bambini a un diverso aspetto di apprendimento visivo.

Art Stories Faces

This app is made by Italian start-up agency Art Stories and can be used as a standalone game for young children to help them learn about art. and their winning product: Art FACES, a fun, educational game allowing kids to learn about art. It is based on five paintings from Europeana Collections. Each painting sets them a simple challenge, and introduces children to a different aspect of visual learning. In the app they can learn:

  • to observe details and explore design in general with Kaiser Rudolf II as Vertumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
  • to read shape and volume with Alice by Modigliani
  • to understand how a shape can be reinterpreted with Man with clarinet by Pablo Picasso
  • to pay attention to colours and composition with Self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh
  • to understand there is a meaning in each compositional element and a story behind the painting with The girl with the pearl earring by Vermeer

At the end of the 5 games the children get their Diploma as Art Explorer and the are then encouraged to visit museums in the real world.

This app also has a section aimed at parents, which includes a set of downloadable suggestions



Art GEZICHTEN, een leuke, educatieve spel waardoor kinderen om te leren over kunst. Bij het afspelen van Art GEZICHTEN kinderen ontdekken vijf schilderijen uit Europeana Collections. Elk schilderij stelt hen een eenvoudige uitdaging, en introduceert kinderen naar een ander aspect van visueel leren.

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  • Hook (get attention, build interest, break the ice, catch the eye)

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Submitted by Sally Reynolds, ATiT, Belgium