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InHerit, heritage interpretation course materials

Heritage-interpretation is a form of non-formal learning through proposing significant data about a site to the public. It draws cognitive and emotional relationships between the visitors and what they can discover in a particular place: a reserve, a historic site, a museum etc. It reveals deeper meanings, relationships and insights via active experience and illustrative media rather than merely passing on facts. InHerit aims to build heritage staff capacity for competence oriented non-formal learning in inspiring contexts that improve the adult learning potential at heritage sites through professional development of managers and educators at these sites. In-service training courses at European and national level shall further their competences to realize the full potential of Heritage Interpretation for non-formal and informal learning.

The course materials are available in different languages and include a complete set of materials that will be used for the HI training courses. The most useful for teachers amongst these are:

  • Training Manual: A manual for tutors with a range of interactive methods such as role play, proposals for discovery based learning through small group project etc.
  • E-book: Digging Deeper: Exploring the Philosophical Roots of Heritage Interpretation

InHerit, lesmaterialen over de interpretatie van erfgoed

InHerit is een Grundtvig multilateral project over de interpretatie van erfgoed. InHerit wil de interpretatie van erfgoed inzetten als instrument om het onderwijs ter plaatse meer effectief, interessant en efficient te maken. Ook wil InHerit erfgoed (materieel en immaterieel, natuurlijk en gecreeerd) neerzetten als de ideale plek om tot leren te komen. Deze web site verschaft handleidingen, aanbevelingen, beleidsdocumenten voor leerkrachten en voor opleiders van lesgevers, om hen te helpen bij het ontwikkelen van les programma’s voor erfgoed interpretatie.

InHerit, materiali didattici per l’interpretazione del patrimonio culturale

InHerit è un progetto europeo ‘Grundtvig multilaterale’ sull’interpretazione del patrimonio culturale. InHerit intende presentare l’interpretazione del patrimonio culturale come uno strumento ideale e un approccio per rendere più efficace e interessante l’apprendimento basato su un luogo specifico. Il progetto si propone inoltre di presentare il patrimonio culturale (tangibile e intangibile, quello naturale come quello costruito dall’uomo) come lo spazio ideale di apprendimento per sviluppare le competenze chiave. Il sito fornisce manuali, linee guida, documenti indirizzati agli insegnanti e ai docenti formatori per supportarli nello sviluppo di programmi educativi per l’interpretazione del patrimonio culturale.

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